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l8r sk8r

Whats do home slice? Life has been a little heavy as of late, instead of raving on like a bad Lana Del Rey/ Adele remix I'd like to make up my absence with what I do best a lil double denim. We all know only a true gangsta slashes up nudie jean$$$. Vest customised by HERCULES

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Welcoming summer with online shopping retailer Iconic for their second issue of the mens magazine. 

How handsome is my new mate, always a good day shooting on the Northern Beaches. The owner of this house was a rad artist with basically a petting zoo in the back yard chickens are weird but the bunnies were sah quwet!




Vintage DKNY... Giving that old school Hollywood vibes, nothing like slippin into this mistress when my VB/easy mac dinner is interrupted by a last minute invite into the summer sunset for a night  on the boogie floor. Another LA thrift shop stunner, my kind of extra baggage! FLASHX 



Results of my latest Melbourne adventure times. This tag station is in Prahan we could see it from my friends apartment and ventured our way up for a sun session. All shot on my Cannon G12 (my new bff). Not much retail therapy performed on this trip which was pretty shit considering its Melbourne thats what your supposed to do other than just enjoying not bumping into 10 people upon leaving the house. Good food was eaten, new cocktails invented. Midgets riding bikes, a man throwing onions down a drain, but best of all a group of school kids half dressed as terrorists and the other as army troops battling in the street with fake guns... Little awkies.

On a more serious note I did enjoy beer times at the Rooftop bar in the CBD. I think that we should all go back real soon. FLASHX 





Backstage for shows you have alot of time on your hands... Deciding to up the anty on my blog I decided to take my Cannon g12 along for the ride and take some head shots of the other model kids. Hope you enjoy the cray edits as much as I did making them ;) Beauty by Micheal Brown and our locks by Erin Shaw

Neiman Marcus alongside Torstar produced a super suave event last week to launch their long awaited Australian shipping. As you can see my friends and I had a ball modelling for some of the worlds top designers in front of Australia's fashion elite at a sit down dinner located in Darling Point.

Neiman Marcus fashion director Ken Downing hosted the event while the gang and I strutted our stuff for the likes of  Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper, Vogue Australia senior fashion editor Christine Centenera and GQ Australia's editor in chief Nick Smith. Good times!

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Ahh the bed. The one place I'd always rather be. Today has been canceled.

The newest range of CK knickers the One series. Just like the chicken and the egg there is much to be debated over as to whether humans made Calvin Klein or if they indeed made the man (women). 

I was first informed by my stylist friend about the kosher of wearing nice undies to shoots and shows, and it totally makes sense although there have been a few instances more often then not when I am caught in what resembles something that would belong to Bridget Jones. 

This got me saluting the CK's pretty quickly and not just in my professional life. Its a known fact that I'm more likely to take my clothes off if I'm wearing nice underwear, you can tan in them if your day suddenly ends up on the beach and also a 30% increase of call backs on one night stands. 

My favourite place to buy my knickers is DUGG, free shipping heaps of other random stuff from sleepy time to the gym.


PS: Tomorrow I am doing a show/event for Neiman Marcus! 
    Celebrating the long awaited Australian shipping. Cant wait!

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We've all been there/still there... That one hour lunch break that gives you that freedom to belong to yourself and remember that you are still an unstoppable badas$$. Shit! that day dreaming lost me 16minutes!!! Sandwhich shop, sun, coffee and then the fear kicks in of the return to the ball and chain. 

This one hour without getting all jack Bauer 24 is your time to shine, but remember this is precious and needs upmost attention and to be spent wisely. Every second counts, So what can we do to make it better?... Being prepard can save you almost half of your break. Pre pack a lunch, make sure your lunch date is waiting for you and not the other way around. Unless of course your one of those wierdos who has lunch with their boss. This post isnt for you. Your that kid in school that baked the cookies for the teacher all grown up. Hows everything working out? 

Dressing like a lil shorty playa is what gets me through. I mean a few good looks up and down while your sippin on your sippy straw is about all you need to remind you that the rest of the day will be worth it because you... In all do respect need to get laid this weekend and aint nobody like no shorty without moolah.. (that means money) 

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